Friday, May 4, 2012

Time Out

Hello from the land of Kim Chi! 

This is my first time checking my blog after a year and guess what; my last post was dated 17th April 2011!! *yikes*

So quick updates for the past one year :

1) Got a job  - After tons of interviews, I finally got a job :) * for a min there I was actually worried that I wouldn't be able to get one as there are tons of ppl like me (fresh graduates) looking for a job so I guess it was quite competitive.

2) Colleagues - Pretty much click with everyone, however there are one or two that was quite difficult and love love love making my life pretty much difficult in the office but hey I shouldn't let it get to me right?? 
*easier said than done *

3) OT kickin' in - Am sure everyone know what OT is but the OT am mentioning does not refer to the bar, OT. Am referring to the work OT. FYI, am not paid for OT.. sad much :( 

4) Married - Say what??!!! XD Am officially married to my WORK.. Spend at least 95 % of my time at work, thinking bout work.. * think I need to spend more time apart from my husband :) need to have more time to myself *

5) Unwanted presents - I never knew there were so much hard work in overcoming the presents in order to make my "marriage" last. Presents were mood swings, stress, stress and of course more stress.. * still learning to overcome it, so far I pretty much suck at it :( * 

6) More unwanted presents - Dear me, I failed to mentioned that my job takes up most of my weekends too! Thank god it hasn't touch my public holidays just yet.. * touches wood * Therefore, I get to spend less time with my family and friends but more time for my " husband ".. Damniittttt * So want a divorce now.. grrrr *

7) Judging - Everyone knows the saying of " Never judge a book by its cover " yet we still do it..failed much?? Had different feedback  from my colleagues... some said I gave the messy look, there was the cool / lansi look * I swear this isn't the first time I heard this *, one just wanted to slap me!! * GG * K, I'll admit that my face can be quite " Pei / Zhun " when I do not smile.. but still I doubt it makes you wanna slap me :$ Maybe I should think bout plastic surgery, you know just to make my face look more approachable or basically " slap free "?? Hmmmm.. not in a million years! 

8) Budget - I officially have the highest target among everyone in the office.. I think.. Which I believe it's ridiculous but after negotiating, I had no choice but to agree to it :( Difference from the before and after negotiating was about 20k * if not mistaken * Saw it coming but was still hoping for a miracle to happen and boy was I wrong to had so much hope. * bangs head onto the wall * 

9) Kiamsiap - Kiamsiap (Hokkien) means stingy (English). Met a few ppl who were stingy and when I mean stingy I mean really really stingy.... 

10) Divorce - Am thinking bout divorcing my " husband " but am still pretty much contemplating bout it gotta think like gazillion time , just so I know I wouldn't regret it and that I've tried my hardest and my best to make things work :) Gotta do what you gotta do.. 

I guest that's pretty much bout what I have to update and the above is mostly related to my "husband" *sigh* This officially sucks big time.. Shall enjoy my time in Seoul for a few more days before seeing my "husband".

Will most definitely try to upload more often rather than one year once * fingers crossed *

Am off to bed, I can hear it calling me to sleep on it. :) 



p/s : name given by Koreans.. guess they have difficulty pronouncing " F" 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

France Quatre

Journey to the south, Toulouse begins :( * Sobs *
Didn't have any pictures taken when we left the hotel cause we were all rushing as we were creating a massive jam :(

On the way to the train station

On board the train.

Didn't take picture of the train cause we were kinda late and we had trouble trying to get the luggage on board the train and we had trouble trying to place our luggage to the compartments. But most of our luggages couldn't fit through so it had to be place at the side of the seats :(

On the way to Toulouse

One of the stops

Another adorable kid :)

Back to the view

After 6 hours on the train we arrived at Toulouse :)

No trip is complete without having a "little" drama in between.
Apparently after we all got off from the train, the tourism students and some of the hospitality (Hr and FnB) were with us. We were all told to move to the hotel as we were blocking traffic and some of the students were already there. When we got to the hotel, there was only us and ONLY US! We got checked in and all, went to our rooms and rest for a bit before heading out again.

As we were getting ready, there was a big commotion going on in the room something bout not calling and not waiting for the rest. Didn't really understand the whole thing until I saw the video of the rest of the students getting lost * eek * and apparently the person in charge with them, took a cab to the hotel and left them there!

So much for being in charge, Fisherman!
* you're useless but I guess you should know that by now *

Moving on..
We found ourselves an Italian restaurant




More Pasta


Throughout the whole time we were sitting there, I think all four of our bodies were moving as if we were still on the train :(

If there's sea sickness, air sickness and motion sickness so what do you call when one is suffering from the train? Could it be Train sickness? Is there such a word?

After dinner, we walked around for a bit then we went back to the hotel :)

Whole day 4 was wasted due to travelling :(

Friday, April 15, 2011

France Trois

Hunting for croissants and pain au chocolat

Instead we found grapes! :D

Eventually we found the croissant and cafe

At Champ Elysees :)

Tourism students avec FnB students

Left to right : David, Moi, Adree, Reza, Irwin, Timothy, Tiara, Victor

Laduree macarons :)

*missing the macaron from Pierre Herme *

Loving the effect :p

Me likey :D

While waiting for the rest to appear, we camewhore :D

On the way to Versailles

The stop


*one or two maybe missing from the shot*

Les garçons

Plus des garçons

Walking to the Château de Versailles

Portrait of Marie Antoinette and her kids

Galerie des Glaces

View from the Galerie des Glaces

The Museum

Out of all the statues we saw, this was by far the most good looking dude at least that's what Tiara and I agreed on ;)

Speaking of statues

The hall filled with portraits, all the portraits had the same name, Napoleon

* ok, that might not be true but at one section I swear most of it was Napoleon this, Napoleon that *

Listening to the virtual tour guide

Out of the Museum and to the gardens :)

There were 16 gardens in the palace and we only went to one! :(

The adorable kid :)

Si mignon

Creative no??

Next stop, Mona Lisa!

So when we arrived, the museum was closed cause we were late by a few mins I think :(
So no Mona Lisa :(

That sums up the our last day in Paris :(